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    We have immediate vacancies for various positions for the operation of our members' learning centres in Malaysia:
    Trainers / Trainee Trainers
    Principals / Acting Principals
    Teachers / Assistant Teachers
    Trainee Teachers
    All staffs are expected to be self motivated and be passionate in children education. Brief requirements :
    Job Objective :
To be responsible for an assigned group of students and to participate as a team member in the general operation and promotion of the Learning Centre. You are committed to uphold the reputation of the Montessorian World International and its Montessorian World Children’s Club   (MWCC) as a centre of student character development and academic excellence.

Job Requirements :

Genuine love for children.
Adherence to the highest standard of professional integrity      
Close cooperation and teamwork.
Positive attitude at all time.
Maintaining prompt hours.
Maintaining good health and personal grooming.
Attending training sessions and meetings.
Exercise of grace & courtesy.

Good command of English, Mandarin and or Bahasa Malaysia

Job Prospect for Trainee to Principal :

  • Your remuneration will be governed by a set of MW Reward Pack and Key Performance Index.
  • Your participation as a team member in the general operation of a Community based MWCC Partner School, will also require your practical commitment and involvement in the nationwide activities of MWCC for greater exposure.
  • You can advance yourself under our Montessorian and Professional Development Pathway program. (Please refer to website for more information.)
Your career advancement will be based on  your commitment, performance and proactive involvement in the activities of the allocated MWCC Partner School as well as in the Montessorian World Children's Club itself at a national level.
    Expression of Interest :

Please email your CV and a brief of your plan to
Applicants may be required to attend our organised Job and Business Creation Seminar.
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